Reports: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Demo Hits Japan Next Week

The PSP Go is getting off to a demo-filled start in Japan this weekend with a bunch of new demos and games lined up for launch. Guess which one's got me jealous of Japan? » 10/29/09 8:00am 10/29/09 8:00am

Sony Trademarks Echoshift (Which Is Probably Echochrono)

Black and white perspective shifting puzzler echochrome is getting a semi-sequel in echochrono, as revealed at E3 2009. Perhaps that name was a bit too similar, as the PlayStation maker has filed a new, familiar sounding trademark. » 7/07/09 6:40pm 7/07/09 6:40pm

The Clips of E3: Day Three & Four

Day three of E3's clip round up has a lot more gameplay and a lot less hardware to drool over; but you can still get another look at the PSP Go in action. » 6/05/09 4:00am 6/05/09 4:00am

Today's Most Relaxing Trailer? Echochrono

Puzzle title Echochrono* is coming to the PSP with riddles to rack your brain and music to soothe your soul. We could listen to this all day! So..relaxing..... » 6/04/09 8:00am 6/04/09 8:00am