EA Extends Take-Two Offer As FTC Continues Investigating

It had to happen - EA has extended the expiration date for its bid to acquire Take-Two, while the Federal Trade Commission continues its investigation. Although EA recently certified its compliance with the FTC's broad-ranging request for information, the publisher reached an agreement with the FTC through which it… » 7/21/08 3:20pm 7/21/08 3:20pm

EA Clears FTC Hurdle In Take-Two Bid

Electronic Arts has satisfied the Federal Trade Commission's extensive second request for information in the publisher's bid to acquire Take-Two, the company revealed through an SEC filing today - and, pursuant to EA's agreement with the FTC, it won't "consummate" any acquisition before August 21. » 7/08/08 10:00am 7/08/08 10:00am

Examining The Antitrust Issues In EA's Take-Two Bid

We know that, as we speak, the FTC is thoroughly investigating the possible takeover of Take-Two by Electronic Arts, to be sure that there are no antitrust issues. The FTC first made one request for information, and then a second one, indicating they're analyzing the deal very closely. » 6/12/08 1:20pm 6/12/08 1:20pm

Ubisoft Vying For Take-Two?

Take-Two Board chairman Strauss Zelnick recently said during his company's financial results call that Electronic Arts isn't the only company interested in acquiring Take-Two. "We have had and continue to have formal discussions with a number of interested parties," he said, but another "white knight," as analysts have… » 6/09/08 5:20pm 6/09/08 5:20pm

Shareholders Stick With Take-Two

Electronic Arts may have recently extended the deadline for its bid to acquire Take-Two, but the company's shareholders don't seem ready to go quietly. EA's offer price remains at $25.74 per share, while as of today, Take-Two has seen share value just over the $27 mark. » 5/21/08 3:20pm 5/21/08 3:20pm

Waitin' Until Friday: Where Things Stand On EA-T2

The deadline for Electronic Arts' bid to acquire Take-Two is this Friday, May 16th, so we thought it'd be a good time to review what we've learned so far to see where things currently stand. » 5/14/08 6:20pm 5/14/08 6:20pm

Analyst: Record GTA Sales Change Nothing For EA's "80/20" Take-Two Bid

Record-setting launch numbers for Grand Theft Auto IV had no significant impact on Take-Two's stock price this morning, lending credence to analyst views that the share price already included the expectation of extraordinary first-week sales of the title. » 5/07/08 2:20pm 5/07/08 2:20pm