This is the Animus Chair Ubisoft Put Me in at E3

Before letting me watch the Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer that spoils Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, representatives from Ubisoft made me sit in this chair. It's the Animus from the series—sort of!—and is a fine chair to recline in while watching Assassin's Creed trailers. » 6/09/11 7:30pm 6/09/11 7:30pm

The Wii U Has Been Beaten to the Punch by an...iPad Game

One of the big draws of Nintendo's new Wii U console is the fact it can stream games to a controller and also use that controller as a secondary screen. While Wii U won't be out until 2012, though, this iPad game can do it a lot sooner. » 6/09/11 10:30am 6/09/11 10:30am