Dungeon Runners Dead by the End of the Year

It's a "crap sandwich" - bad news between two slices of nice - says Dungeon Runners' producer. While the game goes dark New Year's Eve, they'll try to throw as many bones to its fans as they can until then. » 9/17/09 10:00pm 9/17/09 10:00pm

NCsoft Lays Off 21

Today NCsoft confirmed to Kotaku that they are indeed laying some folks off from their Austin offices. "We are announcing that 21 positions are being eliminated in the Austin office of NCsoft in the area of product development," an NCsoft spokesman told Kotaku. "Primarily this is related to products which we have not… » 8/13/08 4:20pm 8/13/08 4:20pm

Bling Gnome Pays Visit with Golden Offering

The Bling Gnome, which sounds like such a great idea in virtual practice, leaves a lot to be desired when discovered squatting on your kitchen counter late Sunday night. There's nothing that could get me to pluck that reticent gold coin free from its housing, even if it were real. Borderline unsafe for work pics on… » 6/30/08 6:00pm 6/30/08 6:00pm