Drunk Gran Turismo Champion Drives About as Well as I Do Sober

Responsible Young Drivers, despite its English name, is a Belgian advocacy group that, well, advocates responsible driving for the young. What better way to illustrate that than with a video game, and a smashed driver behind the wheel? » 12/23/13 1:33pm 12/23/13 1:33pm

This Drunk Driving 'Game' Actually Has a Message

As Kotaku's resident deplorable alcoholic, expectations for me are low enough that not only can I post something this reprehensible, it's practically expected. So here's the problem of drunk driving imagined as a 1990s-style game - note, this game doesn't exist. » 4/20/10 10:30pm 4/20/10 10:30pm

Does Playing Mario Kart Drunk Help Your Performance?

Following on from the GTA DUI controversy, Drunk-driving in gaming rears its ugly, pie-eyed head again. This time, though, the bottle is in the other hand. Or the beer is in the other dashboard cup holder. Or something. » 8/20/08 9:00pm 8/20/08 9:00pm