How Xbox is Changing its Dudebro Image

You know the strange thing about my eight years with the Xbox 360? Despite the fact that I played it most days, I often felt kind of alienated by it. » 8/15/14 10:40am 8/15/14 10:40am

The Game Is Called Dudebro. That's Pretty Much All You Need To Know.

Actually, the full name of this game is Dudebro™ - My Shit Is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time. » 10/15/12 8:00pm 10/15/12 8:00pm

Dirt Showdown's Commentary is the Audio Equivalent of a Smirnoff Ice…

As a fraternity man » 5/02/12 6:15pm 5/02/12 6:15pm, and as a guy whose gamertag is, literally, "dudemanbestbro1," it pains me to say this but, yes, goes a little overboard with its woah-killer-brah commentary. Who the hell did they hire for this, the