There's a New Ducktales Cartoon Coming in 2017

Life's going to be like a hurricane in Duckburg all over again. Scrooge McDuck and his less well-off family members are coming back in an all-new cartoon series. » 2/25/15 9:00am 2/25/15 9:00am

The DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks Is Just Too Much

DuckTales. Real ducks. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "[collapses into cutestolgia overload coma]." And/or "woo-ooo." » 9/08/14 8:30pm 9/08/14 8:30pm

Here's Why We Need A New DuckTales Cartoon

TheFineBros recently presented late '80s cartoon masterpiece DuckTales to a group of unsullied youngsters. Their reactions justify every half-hour I spent in front of the television with Scrooge McDuck and company. » 6/09/14 9:48am 6/09/14 9:48am

The DuckTales Theme As An R&B Slow Jam

Barely a week after they brought you a jamming rendition of the Pokémon theme song, Scott Bradlee and co. are back at it with a cover of the iconic DuckTales intro. Here's the original for a point of comparison: » 4/29/14 9:40am 4/29/14 9:40am

My Favorite Part of the New Donkey Kong is Bouncing Like Scrooge McDuck

This past weekend, I sat down and powered through the newest Donkey Kong title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. And as I explored all the game has to offer, I found myself nearly giddy at Cranky Kong’s special ability: to bounce along on his cane like Scrooge McDuck in the NES classic DuckTales. » 2/18/14 5:30am 2/18/14 5:30am

If Classic Childhood Characters Were Badass Lunatics

French digital artist Sylvain Sarrailh has a spectacular gallery on DeviantART of skylines, nature and abandoned landscapes. Here, we can also find our favorite loveable and good-natured childhood cartoon characters, turned into... something quite different. » 1/13/14 9:20am 1/13/14 9:20am

DuckTales Has Changed. Here's How.

For many, DuckTales is a beloved game—and I imagine that the mere idea of messing with it isn't an appealing one. But after a chat at E3 with Matt Bozon, dreative director at WayForward, and Austin Ivansmith, director, it seems that many of the changes in the remastered version of DuckTales are things that fans can… » 6/14/13 7:30pm 6/14/13 7:30pm

This Keeps Getting Better: DuckTales: Remastered Has All the Voice…

As if the news that Capcom is bringing DuckTales back in remastered form wasn't enough by itself, the publisher revealed on Friday that the entire cast of voice actors from the original show will lend their talent to the new version of the classic platformer. » 3/23/13 1:30pm 3/23/13 1:30pm

Of Course You Want to Watch Nearly Seven Minutes of DuckTales:…

Captured live on Capcom's stream earlier this afternoon at PAX East, seven minutes of gorgeous HD DuckTales remake footage is about all the average human can withstand without exploding, so Capcom trimmed it down to six and three-quarters. » 3/22/13 3:00pm 3/22/13 3:00pm

Kingdom Hearts Needs More Scrooge McDuck

Yesterday saw the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix in Japan. And as I plunged into the graphically remastered Disney/Square-Enix crossover, I couldn't help but think about the one thing the franchise needs more than anything else: more Scrooge McDuck. » 3/15/13 4:00am 3/15/13 4:00am

Epic Mickey Creator Starts Spinning DuckTales

Proving his deep love for classic Disney characters in Epic Mickey, acclaimed video game creator Warren Spector takes on Disney's first feathered family as the writer for BOOM! Studios' DuckTales comic book. Will he solve a mystery, or rewrite history? » 2/17/11 11:00am 2/17/11 11:00am

Fan-Made iPhone Wallpapers Look Familiar

Surprisingly, there's more than just Street Fighter in this lineup of fan-made Capcom wallpapers. Mega Man, Duck Tales and Lost Planet feature prominently plus some games I'm not even sure I can name. » 6/17/09 9:20pm 6/17/09 9:20pm

Imagining DuckTales Lyrics

From the writer of the Mega Man 2 song lyrics, which forever changed the way gamers viewed the Capcom's classic, comes the lyrics to the moon level from classic Disney platformer DuckTales. » 2/04/09 1:40pm 2/04/09 1:40pm