Can this Metal Arcade Stick Breathe Fire into Your Gaming?

Fighting game players are particular about their sticks. They have every right to be considering how important it is to play with a sturdy stick and tough casing. That's what the Drop FireDragon stick aims to deliver—something tough, sturdy, and metal. But does it?

Right out of the box, so much of the FireDragon… » 3/12/12 4:01am 3/12/12 4:01am

Dead Rising Wii Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea

I just spent some time playing Dead Rising on the Wii. Waiting in line, I was treated to one of the game's new additions: a new movie (you know, like the one that played if you left the title screen inactive on the 360 version). It was a zombie hardcore band, rocking out in front of a zombie hardcore crowd, like a… » 10/10/08 2:00am 10/10/08 2:00am