The Most Atmospheric and Relaxing Aquatic Locations In Video Games

Water levels can be pain in the ass, especially when unnecessarily complex gameplay mechanics meet blurry, monotonous graphics. But that's not always the case. Truth is, there are water levels (or places where water plays a key role) that look really refreshing, relaxing, and that might even possess a special, eerieā€¦ »3/04/13 5:00pm3/04/13 5:00pm


Donkey Kong Country 3 Gets A Mondo Remix Album, Years in The Making

The giant video game musical collective Overclocked Remix »12/06/12 8:30pm12/06/12 8:30pm has turned their attention to and released a massive, 77-song remix album. It's their 36th remix album, and it features over 69 artists, including musical performances by composer David Wise. (Who, incidentally, is still working, making the music for .)