Domino's Fried Chicken Crust Pizza: The Snacktaku Review

Domino's Pizza doesn't call its strange new creation "Fried Chicken Crust Pizza", but that's pretty much what it is — breaded and fried chicken bites covered with sauce, cheese and toppings. They're rather odd. » 4/15/14 7:00pm 4/15/14 7:00pm

April Fool's Day in Japan Brings Us a Truly Wonderful Pizza Product.…

April Fool's Day is definitely a thing in Japan. And here is a round-up of some, certainly not all, of the country's internet pranks. Many of them are either game or geek related things, but not all of them. And at least one of them should be real. » 4/01/13 4:00am 4/01/13 4:00am