A Fighting Game With Just Two Buttons And A Sense Of Humor

Divekick started as a parody of fighting games, but then became a real fighting game that's being played at tournaments like EVO. Of course, as the game evolved, it only added to the number of inside jokes and references, so Tina and I took a look at all the characters while testing our divekicking skills (spoiler… »8/21/13 1:16pm8/21/13 1:16pm

Yep, Deadly Premonition Is Coming to Steam. Along With 13 Other Games

Rather impressively, it only took six days for the community to put Deadly Premonition on Steam. That's pretty quick. Of course, SWERY's quirky horror game isn't the only title we'll get to play on Steam thanks to Greenlight. There's 13 more games (and two software titles) to look at, so let's dive right in! »7/25/13 5:40am7/25/13 5:40am