Check Out Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy's Super Moves

Tomorrow marks the release of the second game in Square Enix's Final Fantasy-flavored fighting series for the PSP. Check out the special EX Burst moves FF's finest will be pulling off when the game drops. » 3/21/11 11:40am 3/21/11 11:40am

Lightning Strikes In Dissidia Duodecim's Downloadable Prologue

Final Fantasy stars battle once more when Dissidia Duodecim hits the PSP on March 22, but first Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning strikes out on her own in Dissidia Duodecim Prologus, the downloadable prologue that brings Aerith back to life, kinda. » 3/10/11 12:20pm 3/10/11 12:20pm

The Next Final Fantasy Fight Starts In March

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy brings more Final Fantasy fighting to the PSP on March 22 in North America. Cost? $29.99 USD. The game stars Rachael Leigh Cook as Tifa, Keith David as Chaos and many more vocally talented folks. » 1/20/11 4:20pm 1/20/11 4:20pm

Lots Of New Looks At Dissidia 012[Duodecim]

Character art. Screen shot galores. Pre-rendered scenes. If you were feeling wistful about Final Fantasy fighting game Dissidia 012[Duodeicm], fret not. You can see a lot of the 2011 PSP game, with new images from the house of Final Fantasy, Square-Enix. » 10/27/10 4:00pm 10/27/10 4:00pm

Understanding Final Fantasy's Next Fighting Game, Just A Little Better

Let's start with the name: Dissidia 012[Duodecim]. You don't say the "12. "That's the first thing I recently learned about the new Final Fantasy fighting game. » 10/15/10 1:40pm 10/15/10 1:40pm

Dissidia 012[Duodecim] Final Fantasy's TGS Trailer Busts Out

Square Enix's next Final Fantasy drenched fighting game, the painfully titled Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy, was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show in both playable and trailer form. Here is the latter. » 9/22/10 3:40pm 9/22/10 3:40pm

Final Fantasy Fighting Game Gets A Sequel Struck By Lightning

Square Enix has revealed the follow-up to its portable Final Fantasy fighting game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. » 9/07/10 10:00pm 9/07/10 10:00pm