Wal-Mart Launches 'Operation Main Street'

'Operation Main Street' is not - as you may have suspected - a sinister mash-up of the Rainbow Six and SimCity franchises, but is in fact Wal-Mart's Holiday Season price cutting bonanza.The supermarket chain reckons it can save consumers around $200 Million on consumer electronics, toys, games and other gifts. $200M… » 11/06/08 6:20pm 11/06/08 6:20pm

UK Retailers Buying Hardware Stock From Supermarkets

UK gamers will need to get up early in the morning if they are to take advantage of heavily-discounted consoles at several supermarket chains. So impressive were the price cuts that a number of games retailers have been dispatching staff to their local Sainsbury's to pick up some new stock. Sainsbury's has been… » 10/09/08 4:20pm 10/09/08 4:20pm