Another Glimpse at the Future of Video Game Graphics

First there was Square's new next-gen engine. Then Epic's Unreal Engine 4. Now we're getting another look at what the graphics of tomorrow may/will look like, thanks to the latest benchmark trailer from the folks at 3DMark. » 6/22/12 1:00am 6/22/12 1:00am

DirectX 11 Won't Repeat The Windows-Exclusive Sins Of It's Father

When Windows Vista shipped, it shipped alongside DirectX 10. DirectX 10 would only » 11/22/08 1:00am 11/22/08 1:00am run with Vista. It wouldn't run with the faster, more stable, more popular Windows XP. This made those running games on XP . Well, fast forward a few years, and the next release of a Windows OS - Windows 7 - won't be repeating the same…