Here’s How the Video Game Comics of the Future Will Probably Look

I have a little guilt over it but I’m doing most of my comics reading on an iPad nowadays. While the convenience is great and the work can look better on the screen than in print, it’s a little weird that comics are still so static on smart devices. Comics legend Jim Lee thinks so too and, as co-publisher of DC… »6/06/13 4:00pm6/06/13 4:00pm


Starting Today, Read The Digital Comics Financed By Mark Waid’s One-of-a-Kind Collection

You might've heard about how Mark Waid—veteran writer behind the awesome, on-going run of Daredevil »5/01/12 3:30pm5/01/12 3:30pm—was . Well, Thrillbent—the site that Waid is spearheading—has launched today, with two offerings written by him that you can read for free. tells the story of an obnoxious sidekick who grows up to treat his mentor…