Watch The Stellar 2013 Sequel To 2010's Most Provocative Talk About Video Games

In 2010, professor and game designer Jesse Schell gave an amazing talk at the DICE gaming summit that went viral. His topic: the gamification—the adding of points and play systems—to everything imaginable. He imagined a crazy future where we got points for everything from brushing teeth to giving each other high fives. »2/08/13 1:53pm2/08/13 1:53pm

Two Quotes That Help Warren Spector Assess Where He's At Right Now

Legendary game designer Warren Spector was talking at the DICE convention in Las Vegas today, but didn't want to talk about his departure from Disney and the shuttering of his studio. He wanted to talk about the "graying of gaming" or at least about his journey though gaming. But the elephant is in the room, he said. »2/07/13 2:51pm2/07/13 2:51pm

Nine Ways Video Games Need to Grow Up, From the Guy Who Made Heavy Rain

"These are exciting times for the gaming industry," game designer David Cage of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) said as he began a talk here in Las Vegas that seemed set to criticize the modern state of gaming. After all, the talk was called: "The Peter Pan Syndrome: The Industry That Refused to Grow Up." »2/06/13 2:30pm2/06/13 2:30pm