After Watching the Diabolical Pitch Trailer, I Want A Hit of Whatever…

Diabolical Pitch, if you haven't been keeping up, is the horror baseball game for Kinect conceived by the oddballs at Grasshopper Manufacture. Kotaku saw it at Tokyo Game Show last week, but here's your first official trailer for the most curious Kinect game. » 9/22/11 5:40pm 9/22/11 5:40pm

This Kinect Game is Like George Romero's Great American Pastime

Wii Sports was a mirage. At first glance it seemed the perfect sports game, all action and technique, no button-mashing. A few hours in, though, and you saw it for what it was: incredibly primitive motion control that let you essentially cheat your way to victory by flicking your wrists instead of hurling your body. » 9/14/11 6:00pm 9/14/11 6:00pm