The Rules of Religion, and Why The Next One Just Might Be a Game

The things that make us reconsider who we are and what we believe in are often bizarre, random, coincidental; sometimes completely unremarkable save for the sudden realization that concusses you. Lately, things I've been reading and playing have coalesced into a divine cognizance for me. I've been reconsidering my… » 2/08/12 1:00pm 2/08/12 1:00pm

Atlus Teases New DS Game Devil Survivor

Atlus is back with another Famitsu » 10/30/08 1:00am 10/30/08 1:00am teaser ad. Last time the company, the the Japanese publication to announce . This week, Atlus announces new DS title and hints that more will be announced about the game next week. According to NeoGAF, this title could very well be related to Atlus's popular franchise. We'll know…