Rage the Book Hits in August

Del Rey and Bethesda Softworks have teamed up to publish a novel based on id's upcoming Rage game. Penned by Matt Costello, here's the official blurb of the book due out Aug. 30: The world was doomed and only some of the population could be saved. That was what the scientists were saying, at least. So the best and… » 3/29/11 10:29am 3/29/11 10:29am

Gears of War: Anvil Gate Novel Tells the Story Before Gears 3

Gears of War: Anvil Gate, the third book in the Gears of War novel series, will tell the story of what happened between the second and third video game. » 8/24/10 3:00pm 8/24/10 3:00pm

Elder Scrolls Novel Potentially Confirms Elder Scrolls V

Author Greg Keyes is better known to me by his Star Wars Expanded Universe contributions, but as the writer on The Elder Scrolls: Infernal City, he's been promoted to "potential Bethesda informant." » 10/23/09 9:30pm 10/23/09 9:30pm

The Elder Scrolls In Convenient Novel Form

The land of Tamriel is terrorized by a floating city that first kills and then raises the dead in The Infernal City, the first of two Elder Scrolls novels by bestselling author Greg Keyes. » 10/13/09 5:20pm 10/13/09 5:20pm

Gears Of War Novels Get New Author

How very odd. Back in January we reported that Steven L. Kent, author of the Clone series and The Ultimate History Of Video Games would be penning a series of novels based on Gears of War, but now Del Rey has announced an entirely different sort of clone author for the series. Karen Traviss, who wrote the excellent… » 7/21/08 11:40am 7/21/08 11:40am