Deception IV Will Make You into a Sadistic Monster

In Deception IV: Blood Ties, the latest game in the Deception series, you play as a demon princess whose castle is constantly being invaded by various groups of heroes. Fighting them off requires the careful placement of brutally violent traps that will have you feeling like a sadistic monster in no time flat. » 3/11/14 7:00am 3/11/14 7:00am

Watch Us Build Death Traps and Brutally Murder Heroes

In Deception IV: Blood Ties you play a demon princess whose castle is being constantly invaded by heroes. Your only recourse? To build Rube Goldberg-style traps to kill the trespassers. » 3/07/14 5:00am 3/07/14 5:00am

Rube Goldberg Death Traps are the Best Death Traps

Deception IV: Blood Ties is a game built around one concept: building elaborate, overly complicated death traps to violently dispose of the heroes sent against you. » 3/04/14 5:00am 3/04/14 5:00am