Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2 Is Nearly Nigh

The second Watchmen based brawler, Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2, is coming soon, due to be released on July 21st, July 29th, July 30th and August 26th. Everybody got that? No? » 7/07/09 7:20pm 7/07/09 7:20pm

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Micro-Review: The End Can't Come Soon Enough

Watchmen (the movie) comes out today. Seen it yet? Going to see it? If you find yourself nodding "yes", then you're just the kind of person Watchmen (the game) is targeted at. » 3/06/09 3:00pm 3/06/09 3:00pm

This Week On Live Arcade: Who Pays $20 For The Watchmen?

The $20 Steam pricing for Watchmen: The End is Nigh carries over to the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, due out this Wednesday. » 3/02/09 1:20pm 3/02/09 1:20pm

Who Watches These Watchmen Screens?

Grammatically improper, we know, but we're big fans. Couldn't resist. And as big fans, we can't help but look at these screens and furrow our brows. Just a little.

Prequel to the events of the comic's main story arc
or not, it's tough to see the characters and universe of Alan Moore's masterpiece broken down into… » 2/06/09 3:30am 2/06/09 3:30am

Faith And A .45 Development Comes To A Halt

First announced early last year, Deadline Games' Faith And A .45 looked promising! It had biplanes, tommy guns and a sexy, ginger-haired lady. Basically, it made the Great Depression look fun! » 1/30/09 9:00am 1/30/09 9:00am

First Watchmen Details In December EGM

We know, as fellow fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen » 11/07/08 9:00pm 11/07/08 9:00pm, how... trepidatious you may be about a video game based on the groundbreaking maxi-series. After all, it's in form, it's a to the original story, it's downloadable, and it's coming from a developer you've likely never heard of, Deadline Games. I mean,…

Watchmen Games Are Prequels

Ah. Relax, Watchmen fans. When we heard the episodic Watchmen games were to be "brawlers", it was hard not to be a little disappointed. Reducing one of the greatest comic stories ever told to a "brawler"? It was a poor fit. But it's OK! Because the games aren't based on the comic. They're prequels, set in the gang's… » 7/23/08 11:40pm 7/23/08 11:40pm