Maker of PSN Game Being Offered for Free Worries About PlayStation…

When PlayStation Store returns (reports suggest that will be May 24), PS3 account holders may choose two free games from a list being offered by Sony. One of those is Dead Nation (pictured), and the studio behind it told Edge magazine it's worried what the glut of free games might do to efforts to sell its latest… » 5/20/11 9:30pm 5/20/11 9:30pm

U.S. No Longer The World's Top Zombie-Killing Nation

Downloadable PlayStation 3 game Dead Nation tracks every PlayStation-enabled nation's statistics for the feat of slaying virtual zombies. The U.S. now trails Finland somehow despite killing many more zombies. Can you guess which country the game's developers live in? » 12/20/10 1:40pm 12/20/10 1:40pm