If They Made a Video Game About the David Petraeus Affair...

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart digs up an old pun and applies it to the ongoing "Love Pentagon" fiasco. If they made a video game about the ongoing sex scandals revolving around former CIA director disgraced general David Petraeus, they could call it Call of Booty. Timely... though watch the full clip for the better… »11/14/12 8:48am11/14/12 8:48am

This Is Awkward: David Petraeus Is In the Next Call of Duty As America's New Secretary of Defense

A sex scandal may have prompted David Petraeus to resign from running the CIA last Friday, but the new Call of Duty predicts that he's got a really bright future. The new first-person shooter features the former general as the Secretary of Defense in the year 2025, serving loyally to a female President who looks a… »11/13/12 3:01am11/13/12 3:01am