The Skylanders Dark Edition Isn't A GameStop Exclusive This Year

Last year I gave Activision flack for making its special Dark Edition version of Skylanders: Swap Force a GameStop exclusive. The $99 Skylanders: Trap Team Dark Edition carries no such constraints, so if your children don't get one it's merely because you're some kind of monster. » 7/21/14 9:07am 7/21/14 9:07am

You Can Only Get The Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition At GameStop

Taking a break from marking up used games, GameStop announced today that preorders were open for the chain-exclusive Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition Starter Pack, which replaces the normal pack's milk chocolate with sumptuous dark... oh wait. » 8/12/13 4:00pm 8/12/13 4:00pm