Cut The Rope 2 Is A Great Reason To Give Its Creators More Money

For three years the creators of Cut the Rope have been adding new free level packs to the original game. Both the prequel, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and the spin-off, Cut the Rope: Experiments, have gotten free new content this month. These guys really deserve another dollar. Cut the Rope 2 is our chance. » 12/19/13 3:30pm 12/19/13 3:30pm

​Cut the Rope 2 Comes Out on December 19th. Get Your Candy Ready.

We already got word that it'd be coming during the holidays but now we know an exact date: the sequel to the mega-popular Cut the Rope comes out next Thursday and will be hitting iOS devices first. » 12/13/13 12:30pm 12/13/13 12:30pm

Cut the Rope 2 is coming this holiday season. With more than 400 million downloads between the original Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope Experiments, Cut the Rope : Time Travel and Pudding Monsters, ZeptoLab is finally giving the candy-munching Om Nom a proper sequel, with a number and everything. Unfamiliar? The original… » 9/26/13 8:25am 9/26/13 8:25am