China's First Official Home Console Is Much Better Than Anticipated

When I first saw the Xbox Kinect, I was a GA (Game Advisor or peon) at GameStop,. I felt a sense of wonder and I thought, "This must be the future". This morning, when I saw the finally released Eedoo CT510, I felt the same sense of wonderment that I had when I first saw the Kinect—except it was soon followed by… »5/03/12 8:00am5/03/12 8:00am

China's First Home Console Is Expensive and Elusive. Yet, I Found One.

China's first home grown console hit China late last month. But the console was incredibly hard to find. This wasn't because it was flying off shelves. It was because nobody had heard of it.

Originally known as the Ebox and the iSec, the now named CT510 from Eedoo felt very much like vaporware. In China, home… »5/03/12 6:45am5/03/12 6:45am