Clearly, This is what Rock Simulator Should Have Been

In Rolling Sun, you're a rock. Well, technically, you're a god whose avatar is a rock. Point is, you control a rock and solve physics puzzles in some really fancy environments, all the while unlocking new skills. See? Already better than Rock Simulator. » 11/26/14 6:00am 11/26/14 6:00am

I haven't seen an asian-style temple so beautiful since I played the Shadow Warrior reboot last year. The map was done in CryEngine3 by Minsk-based 3D artist Censored_ID, who recently shared his work at the Polycount forums after finishing the project in July. Check below for a video and some gorgeous screenshots. » 8/25/14 8:30am 8/25/14 8:30am

An Artist Is Faithfully Recreating System Shock 2's Greatest Scene

Playing System Shock 2 is a frightening experience, and no moment is quite as shocking as seeing the face of the villain SHODAN for the first time. Now, one modeler is taking the time to render that scene in all its glory (Spoilers ahead). » 5/29/14 1:30pm 5/29/14 1:30pm

Apparently, The World's Most Realistic FPS Will Be Free To Play

For eight years, a group of modders have been working on reworking DICE's Battlefield 2 into a much more realistic and much larger-scale multiplayer shooter. In August, their journey came to an end, and the 1.0 version of their mod, Project Reality, was released. Now, the same group is working on a full game. » 9/23/13 5:40am 9/23/13 5:40am

Fans Are Making A New Halo Game. For The PC.

It's been forever since a Halo game was released on the PC. Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo Reach and Halo 4 have all come and gone, without a PC version in sight. So it's clear that if fans of the series want a game on their personal computers, they're going to have to make it themselves. » 8/01/13 12:00am 8/01/13 12:00am

Modder Makes Current Gen Graphics Look Like the Future

Last year, Konami showed off images created using its upcoming game engine, the Fox Engine. Over on the CryDev forums, modder Gametime decided to recreate that demo with current gen tech. The result isn't next gen, but damn, it sure is amazing. » 7/23/13 7:10am 7/23/13 7:10am

What a "Next Gen" RPG Could Look Like

This video, courtesy of Czech developers Warhorse (currently working on a historical RPG), shows some of the game's assets running as an example of "next gen" graphics. » 12/09/12 10:30pm 12/09/12 10:30pm

Hope You're Not Sick of Pretty First-Person Stealth Games Yet

First Deus Ex, then Dishonored...dare we dream that first-person stealth isn't just coming back, but it's coming back better than ever? » 11/06/12 3:00am 11/06/12 3:00am

What BioShock Would Look Like Running on Crysis' Engine

The original BioShock was created using Epic's Unreal Engine 3 2.5. Let's imagine, though, just for a second, that it had instead been built using Crytek's fancy new CryEngine 3. » 8/09/12 12:30am 8/09/12 12:30am

Crysis 3's Interactive Trailer Lets You Choose from Sneaky or…

This newest look at Crytek's bow-wielding first-person shooter gives viewers the option to see what it looks like you take on enemies sneakily or jump in with guns blazing. The threequel set in a New York overgrown with apocalyptic levels of vegetation comes out next year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. » 7/26/12 10:15am 7/26/12 10:15am

Here’s How Halo Will Look in Crysis 2. Wait, What?

You might not be sitting around thinking that Crysis 2 needs more Master Chief. Fair enough. But some intrepid modders are using the PC release of Crytek's alien invasion war game to stage their own version of Spartan-vs-Covenant action. They're calling it Venerance. » 7/24/12 1:30pm 7/24/12 1:30pm

You Can Play Warface With Russian Players Right Now, But You Might Get…

Crytek's near-future military shooter for the PC, Warface, is currently live in Russia, with a closed beta in China. But the game plays differently in both regions. » 6/07/12 5:30pm 6/07/12 5:30pm

Video Game Car Crashes Have Never Looked This Good

This is what happens when you plug the physics system of truck sim Rigs of Rods into Crytek's CryEngine3: car crashes so nice you can watch them over and over and over. » 5/28/12 11:30pm 5/28/12 11:30pm

Crysis' Engine Just got an Upgrade, Makes Fish-Men Look Beautiful

With Crysis 3 on the way, even if we know almost nothing about it, we can at least guess it'll feature improved visuals from the second game in the series. » 4/15/12 8:00pm 4/15/12 8:00pm

Someone Rebuilt the Titanic. In the Crysis Engine.

Even if you have zero interest in sunk ships or James Cameron movies, you need to see this video of the interior of the Titanic, built using CryEngine 3. It's as amazing as it is shiny. » 11/24/11 1:30am 11/24/11 1:30am

Someone is Turning the Crysis Engine Into a...Sports Game!

Crysis developers Crytek's proprietary engines are always impressive, but for some reason or another aren't often used by other studios. Or when they are, they're used for shooters. Not this time! » 11/04/11 4:30am 11/04/11 4:30am

Crytek Is Looking at Flash Support

Here's the beauty of competition. Earlier this week, Epic Games showed off the Unreal Engine 3 supporting Adobe's Flash. Meanwhile, rival game engine maker Crytek is seeing what flash magic it can unleash. » 10/07/11 11:40am 10/07/11 11:40am

Crysis 2's Engine Will be Training American Soldiers

Crytek's CryEngine 3 technology, which we've seen most recently in the company's own Crysis 2, is the driving force behind a $57 million project from the US Army aimed at teaching its soldiers how to fight. » 5/30/11 9:00am 5/30/11 9:00am

The Other Future Of Video Game Graphics Looks Just As Lovely

We don't know what the future of video games will look like. Nobody knows the future! Not even Epic. But we can speculate, and that lets us speculate that it'll look a lot like this. » 3/07/11 6:00am 3/07/11 6:00am