If Adventure Time Characters Were Pokémon Trainers

Imagine, for a moment, that characters like Finn or Marceline had to pick a Pokémon team. What creatures would you match them up with? » 12/18/14 6:30pm 12/18/14 6:30pm

​It's Link Skywaker Vs. Wiibba the Hut in New Star Wars Smash Bros

When Mario gets transformed into Han Solo, it makes a weird sort of sense that Sonic plays the part of Lando Calrissian. Seeing Princess Peach in Leia's slave girl bikini takes some getting used to, though. » 4/10/14 1:30pm 4/10/14 1:30pm

Try The Chalupanator And Other Horrible Fast Food Mash-Ups

Are you craving a bacon-pregnant burger from Wendy's, or one of Taco Bell's countless variations of the same couple of ingredients? Why not have both? » 3/22/14 12:00pm 3/22/14 12:00pm

I'm not sure if it's the best Adventure Time fan-art I've seen, or the best Attack on Titan one, but a crossover like this was not expected. Rodrigo Alexandrino really changed poor Jake into a magical dog. » 1/20/14 8:30am 1/20/14 8:30am

A Star Wars Smash Bros Would Look Like This

We see a ton of crossovers in Smash Bros—that's pretty much what the franchise is about. And while fans might clamor for all sorts of ridiculous inclusions in the franchise, there are some things we can realistically expect to never see. Like say, bringing Star Wars into the fold. » 1/17/14 3:30pm 1/17/14 3:30pm

If Disney Princesses Were Final Fantasy Characters ...

We've seen classic Disney heroines as Street Fighter characters, but they'd make an even more outstanding and complete party as Final Fantasy characters, with all the essential jobs assigned to them. » 11/19/13 9:20am 11/19/13 9:20am

A Breaking Bad x Grand Theft Auto Crossover? Yes Please.

Alas, we won't be playing as (retired) meth kingpins in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy art that mashes the two things up, right? » 9/03/13 9:45pm 9/03/13 9:45pm

If Disney Princesses Were Old-School Street Fighter Characters...

Yes, that's a Chun Li x Cinderella mash-up. Oh, there's more—artist Mike V took the ever-iconic Disney princesses, and re-imagined them as many of fighting game characters we know and love. » 8/21/13 8:00pm 8/21/13 8:00pm

A Wolverine Vs. Predator Face-Off. Bets On Who Wins?

How this crossover is possible, I don't know. That's not the important part, people. What you should be asking is, who would win in this mash-up by Aaron Shoenke? The actual answer may surprise you. » 8/07/13 9:15pm 8/07/13 9:15pm

GLaDOS Did Appear in Pacific Rim's Trailer, but Won't Return for the…

When Pacific Rim's latest trailer (above) went out last month, a lot of people thought, "Wait! I know that voice!" And indeed, it sounds like Jax Teller reading from "The Life and Death of Sam Crow" as an enormous sea monster destroys a bridge. Oh yeah, GLaDOS from the Portal series can be heard as well. » 1/05/13 5:30pm 1/05/13 5:30pm

I Get the Feeling Halo vs. Predator Isn't Meant to Determine a Winner

Only forces beyond our mortal comprehension of this universe could bring Master Chief face to face with Predator, to determine who is more powerful, across a rather eclectic series of competitions. Hang in there to see who is really behind this duel of fates, as filmed by Freakin' Rad. There's a special guest star… » 7/15/12 6:00pm 7/15/12 6:00pm

Here's Your Call Of Duty Jeep

At last, the first picture of the Call of Duty: Black Ops-themed Jeep Rubicon. Black Ops decals replace the Wrangler and Rubicon decals and the "Trail Rated" badge. You can get it in any color, as long as it's black. » 10/13/10 10:30pm 10/13/10 10:30pm