Something About This New Cross-Platform Game Doesn't Sound New To Me...

Toukiden » 10/04/12 6:10am 10/04/12 6:10am was one of the titles announced for both the PSP and PS Vita at . A couple of the title's biggest selling points are that it is being developed as a collaborative project between SCEJ and Tecmo Koei, and that the game will have cross-platform capabilities between the PSP and the PS Vita. But just what is the…

Bubble Witch Saga Pops In On the Future of Cross-Platform Social Gaming

Today players of's popular Bubble Witch Saga can continue their Facebook-based quest on the iPhone and iPad. To some a free-to-play puzzle game that seamlessly synchronizes between Facebook and smartphone might not sound like that big of a deal. To others it's another step on the path towards a future of… » 7/26/12 8:30am 7/26/12 8:30am

Finally! True Cross-Platform Gaming with Crazy Fairy Tale Characters

Crazy Fairies: One World » 7/10/12 8:00am 7/10/12 8:00am is the newest game by American McGee's Spicy Horse studio. Inspired by fairy tales from across the world, is a multiplayer social game that can be simultaneously played across web browsers as well as iOS, and Android devices in real time.

A Little Something Special for the Shadowrun Fans in the Audience

Culled from the video from this morning's Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter post, it's time to put the sins of Shadowrun games past behind us. Watching the executive producer of 2007's horrid first-person shooter get pelted with random objects a few thousand times should do the trick. » 4/04/12 2:40pm 4/04/12 2:40pm

How DUST 514 and EVE Online Bridge the Gap Between PC and PlayStation 3

In CCP's DUST 514 for the PlayStation 3, battles are initiated by corporations in the PC-based space MMO EVE Online. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, CCP server architect Lin Luo talks about how much fun making that work is. » 10/28/11 1:40pm 10/28/11 1:40pm

There Are No Words to Describe Cross-Platform Mobile Scrabble

Scrabble fans might want to sit down before reading this news. During EA's live summer preview event, EA Mobile demonstrated a live round of Scrabble played across four different platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, and Facebook. You're probably floored right now. Catch your breath and read on. » 7/07/11 4:52pm 7/07/11 4:52pm

Why We Can't Swap Echochrome Levels Cross-Platform

Newsweek's N'Gai Croal has an idea: enabling user-generated content across asymmetrical platforms through extensible markup language. » 5/27/08 7:20pm 5/27/08 7:20pm