Binary Tweed Launches Politically-Charged Clover

Binary Tweed Launches Politically-Charged Clover Independent developer Binary Tweed has finally released the politically-pointed watercolor platforming adventure Clover via the Xbox Live Community Games Program. » 5/11/09 11:40am 5/11/09 11:40am

XNA Games Don't Sell, Don't Make Money [Update]

Much was made of Microsoft's attempt at gestating a user-created gaming platform on the 360 with their Community Games service. But six months on from launch, how well is it faring? » 3/31/09 5:30am 3/31/09 5:30am

Your Xbox 360 Massages You Gently

The XNA Community Games program continues to be a wealth of innovation on the Xbox 360, as a new program available for download turns your 360 controller into a "portable massager". » 1/28/09 4:20pm 1/28/09 4:20pm

XNA User Creates Ultimate 360 Fireplace

Now owners of Xbox 360 consoles with temperature control issues can finally put that extra heat to practical use with the innovative Xbox Live Community game, Fireplace. » 12/22/08 11:20am 12/22/08 11:20am

Microsoft Responds To Community Games Quality Concerns

When former XNA community manager David Weller expressed concerns about crowding and quality standards when the new Community Games launch on Xbox Live, it resembled some of the discussions that have been had in the past regarding Xbox Live Arcade. » 7/28/08 7:20pm 7/28/08 7:20pm

Former XNA Community Manager Airs Quality Concerns

Microsoft's recent announcement that it would let community developers earn money for games they make » 7/25/08 6:40pm 7/25/08 6:40pm with the company's XNA toolset came as good news to some, but former XNA community manager David Weller is concerned about the lack of quality standards. On , Weller wrote: It's similar, actually, to quality concerns…

Gamefest 2008: Microsoft's Satchell Talks Xbox 360 Homebrew Scene

Now, just about anyone can be a game developer — and get paid for it, too. At its Gamefest 2008 event today, Microsoft announced that community games made using its XNA tools will be downloadable via either PC or Xbox 360, and that the creators will get 70 percent of the revenues, as we reported earlier today. » 7/22/08 8:20pm 7/22/08 8:20pm