New Commenting Tools Add Scolding, Teleporter, Dunce Cap to Banhammer

We've always said that the community and their inciteful and insightful comments are one of the best things about Kotaku, and we mean it. That's why our wonderful tech folks are always working to improve how comments work. » 9/14/10 10:40am 9/14/10 10:40am

NSFW: Where Internet Trolls Really Come From

Click to viewInternet commenters can sometimes be insightful, maybe even genuinely funny, but for the most part, they're obnoxious trolls. Sad, but that's life. I always thought most came from suburban America, but it turns out I was way off the mark. » 4/13/10 4:30am 4/13/10 4:30am

Your Comments Fuel Gay Gaming Conference

Physically, you may not have been at EA Redwood Shores this weekend. But if you commented on to Justin Cole's op-ed column to Kotaku, you were there in spirit. » 7/20/09 8:40pm 7/20/09 8:40pm

Learn, Or Re-Learn, How To Comment On Kotaku

Why, hello there. It's that time again, time to remind seasoned vets and newcomers alike how to comment right here on Kotaku. Things to keep in mind: » 1/05/09 11:00pm 1/05/09 11:00pm

Get Paid To Comment and Ban

Don't forget we're running a commenting contests of sorts right now. If you're into control and want to get paid to sort of work for Kotaku, then make sure to check out our Komment King contest, where we are desperately searching for the new Commenting Czar for Kotaku. A Kotaku Tower position which will pay $200 a… » 6/12/08 9:20am 6/12/08 9:20am

Why You Should Comment On Kotaku

I was taking my morning constitutional in a place that shall not be named, flipping through issue five of Wildstorm's World of Warcraft comic book (excellent series, BTW), when I spied an advertisement for the World of Warcraft Figure Prints know, the one that takes a snap of your character and creates… » 6/03/08 10:20am 6/03/08 10:20am