The Next Command & Conquer Wants You Inside Its Closed Beta

Remember the game that was going to be Command & Conquer: Generals 2 but then got repurposed into a free-to-play online multiplayer real-time strategy game set in the Command & Conquer: Generals universe? It's going to go into closed beta soon, and it wouldn't mind having you. » 6/11/13 2:30am 6/11/13 2:30am

What Does "BioWare" Even Mean Any More? It Doesn't Mean Command & Conquer.

In saying the next Command & Conquer game is coming from "BioWare", it seems EA is hoping a little of gamer's good will towards the RPG powerhouse will rub off on the game. Instead, unless Generals 2 is amazing, it's probably going to backfire. » 12/12/11 2:00am 12/12/11 2:00am