Why Jim Lee Can't Reveal His True Character in DC Universe Online

Nearly everyone who plays DC Universe Online has an anecdote about spending a good hour or more in its character creation stage, fine-tuning the costume, getting the colors and powers just right, and then taking a deep breath at the name-generation screen and hoping no one's yet taken that perfect one you just thought… »7/30/11 1:00pm7/30/11 1:00pm

D.C. Universe Online Should See 'Subtle' Tie-Ins with Comics' Relaunch, says Jim Lee

In September, D.C. Comics' lineup of monthly titles all will restart at issue No. 1, some delivering major changes to their continuities, all of them rebooting—or relaunching, as Jim Lee gently insists it be called. None of this will affect the video game bearing the D.C. name, nor should it. »7/28/11 10:00pm7/28/11 10:00pm

Activision had Plans for High-Definition GoldenEye All Along

Depending upon the consoles you own, the bad news about GoldenEye: Reloaded may still be the good news. It is most definitely a high-definition remastering of last year's title reboot on the Wii. But given the much larger shooter constituency on the PS3 and 360, and online multiplayer's vastly greater viability on… »7/24/11 7:00pm7/24/11 7:00pm