Cardale Jones Has An Important Update About Crushing Kids At Video Games

Back in January, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones visited some kids at the hospital. One of the kids unwisely hopped on the sticks like Jones was going to take it easy on him in the NCAA football video game. Jones did not take it easy, and beat the kid by a reported score of 91-35. Now, more than a month later,… » 2/10/15 4:08pm 2/10/15 4:08pm

Man Applies For UND Head Coach Job, Cites Playing Madden As Experience

Thanks to years of playing the Madden and NCAA Football franchises on Sega Genesis and Playstation, Christopher McComas feels confident he can lead the University of North Dakota to football immortality. His plan? "Chuck the pigskin" and then chuck it some more. Relentless defense. No mercy punting. » 12/11/13 10:45pm 12/11/13 10:45pm

College Players Can Get a PS4 From a Bowl Game, But They Can't Be Paid

The Military Bowl is no one's idea of a major college football bowl game. It's a shitty bowl, in fact, inviting five-loss teams to stage background-noise football two days after Christmas. Despite that, every player from Maryland and Marshall will receive a PlayStation 4 for showing up this year. » 12/09/13 7:30pm 12/09/13 7:30pm

BC's Andre Williams Runs Like He's Got A Super Mario Invincibility Star

Boston College running back Andre Williams leads all FBS running backs with 2073 rushing yards, good for an average of 6.5 yards per carry. The senior's a potential Heisman finalist, and to help his case, someone put together a video of him bowling over opponents to the Starman music from the Super Mario Bros. video… » 11/26/13 7:47pm 11/26/13 7:47pm

EA Sports' College Game May Come Back, but Time is Running Out

We'll soon learn which lone university will bail on EA Sports' college football video game, ending an 18-year run in which the series featured all of the more than 100 major-division teams every season—a bedrock expectation of any "it's in the game" claim. » 8/18/13 3:30pm 8/18/13 3:30pm

Source: EA's Next College Football Game Will Only Lose One Team

The next edition of EA Sports' embattled college football series will lose only one school from a lineup of more than 120 next year, though two conferences will stop licensing their trademarks to the game, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. The Southeastern Conference, which yesterday told ESPN… » 8/15/13 7:52pm 8/15/13 7:52pm

The athletics director at the University of Washington—members of the Pac-12 conference and the 1991 National Champions—said his office will advise the university's administration not to license the school's appearance in future video games such as EA Sports' college football series. » 8/15/13 6:51pm 8/15/13 6:51pm

Three Major College Conferences Will Stop Licensing EA Sports Games

The Pac-12, the Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference—cornerstones of major college football—will no longer license their league's symbols or trademarks to EA Sports. While the 40 members they represent may still appear in future video games, the departure of these leagues is a painful blow to the series. » 8/14/13 4:12pm 8/14/13 4:12pm

EA Sports' College Football Series Survives Another Three Years

When word passed the NCAA was pulling its name and logo off EA Sports' 21-year-old NCAA Football series, many immediately assumed it was the death of the title. Once everyone realized another entity altogether handles the 120+ teams who appear in the game, it became clear this was largely an ass-covering technicality. » 7/20/13 1:00pm 7/20/13 1:00pm

TTU Footballers Urged To Be Active, And That Doesn't Count Video Games

Workout schedules for college football players can be complex, what with varying needs for strength/fitness/flexibility based on position and those ever-complicated NCAA limits on supervised activities. One thing's clear for Texas Tech players, though: video games don't count as "being active." » 5/07/13 4:47pm 5/07/13 4:47pm

NCAA Football 12's Ultimate Conference Call

In NCAA Football 12 players have an extraordinary amount of control over the college football landscape. Last year, many diehards and purists pursed their lips and grumbled over a wave of conference realignments that forsake traditions and regional sensibilities for television contracts. NCAA 12 is their chance to put… » 7/09/11 5:00pm 7/09/11 5:00pm

NCAA 11 Picks Alabama Ohio State for the National Title

We know there's a certain level of stagecraft and gimmickry to these sports video games picking winners. That said, EA Sports has correctly predicted the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Cup champion this year. » 7/15/10 8:30pm 7/15/10 8:30pm

NCAA Football 11 Demo Impressions: Warming Up the Pre-Game

With six additional teams and a slew of custom visuals, NCAA Football 11 released an uncommonly ambitious demo last week. Football is still a results-driven enterprise, and its video games are rightly held to the same expectation of on-field execution. » 6/24/10 6:20pm 6/24/10 6:20pm

Alabama is Your Pre-Preseason College Football No. 1

The AP's annual accounting of which college football teams start the season born on third base isn't due for another couple months, maybe, but EA Sports has already ranked them for NCAA Football 11 which releases in three weeks. » 6/21/10 8:30pm 6/21/10 8:30pm

ESPN Broadcasts Come to NCAA Football 11

Last year's NCAA Basketball 10 rendered its games in the broadcast style of CBS Sports and ESPN. That game died but the concept survived; NCAA Football 11 will deliver ESPN's college football package of graphics, wipes, themes and more. » 4/16/10 6:20pm 4/16/10 6:20pm