Japanese Man Hugs Xbox 360 Character On Prime Time Television

This evening in Japan, the unthinkable happened: a paid actor played visual novel Clannad in front of millions on network television. Then, he played Xbox 360 hostesses simulator Dream Club and hugged the television. » 3/23/11 8:30am 3/23/11 8:30am

Guilty Gear, Idolmaster, Clannad Pornography Parodies

Mark your calendars, next January is officially Naughty Game Parody Month! January will see the release of not only, but two discerning films with game nods from Japanese adult video maker TMA. One is The Adultmaster » 11/05/08 6:00am 11/05/08 6:00am, a saucy send up of Namco Bandai's franchise. It follows three women as they try to break in as…