Sci-Fi Author's Sword-Fighting Game Hits its Fund Raising Goal

Coming into the final two days of its fund raiser, CLANG, the arena sword-fighting concept proposed by renowned science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson, was short about $50,000 of its total $500,000 goal. Overnight it made up that difference and then some, standing at about $504,000 (from more than 8,000 contributors)… »7/08/12 1:00pm7/08/12 1:00pm

A Hell of a Cameo Helps Neal Stephenson Pitch His Sword-Fighting Video Game

A flood of video game projects on Kickstarter over the past four months has made it extremely difficult to rise out of the crowd or portray one's concept as particularly unique or worth funding. But Neal Stephenson, the eminent science-fiction writer, has hauled off and done something next-level with this pitch video. »6/10/12 11:00am6/10/12 11:00am