CityVille Eternal Spring Greenhouse: Everything You Need to Know

While there might already be a few ways to create or otherwise "earn" Premium Goods in CityVille, wouldn't it be easier to simply grow crops that produced these Goods when harvested? Apparently Zynga thinks so, as it has released the new Eternal Spring Greenhouse to our game. We're here with a guide to this new… »1/02/13 2:55pm1/02/13 2:55pm


CityVille 2 '12 Days of Presents' Part 3: Everything You Need to Know

We've reached the halfway point in CityVille 2's "12 Days of Presents" Christmas event, with Day 6 just unlocked a few moments ago (as of this writing). As you might expect, these quests grow pretty complicated as we go along, but we can thankfully work on all of them at the same time over the next 26 days. Here's our… »12/17/12 12:55pm12/17/12 12:55pm

CityVille 2 'Reality Show' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

A new limited edition quest series has launched in CityVille 2, bringing a reality television show (and its host) to your city. There are six quests in this series in all, and they must be completed in the next two weeks before they expire. We're here with a look at how to get started in this quest series, thanks in… »12/03/12 12:55pm12/03/12 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Worked Out Okay, So Zynga's Working on CityVille 2

Currently the fastest-growing game on Facebook, FarmVille 2 is a bright spot for the financially troubled social gaming masters at Zynga. Its 3D graphics and crafting system have drawn in new players and kept them in the game (that's me testifying). So it's no surprise that the newly-revealed CityVille 2 features the… »10/09/12 2:55pm10/09/12 2:55pm

An Argument For Video Games That Don't Waste Our Time

In a very real way, games play us. We may hold the controller, but often it feels as though the games—through their systems, design, and pacing—hold most of the cards. And as game developers cotton to the specific design elements that compel us to play (and keep playing), many of them are reaping financial gains by… »8/03/11 10:00am8/03/11 10:00am