A Father's Struggle To Make A Game After Cancer Killed His Son

"Jesus, I can't even watch this," the man sitting next to me whispered, fidgeting in his seat. The screen in front of us played a home video of an infant child named Joel Green, gurgling happily as he played with a bunch of golden retriever puppies. » 8/04/14 12:00pm 8/04/14 12:00pm

Christian Game Developers Want to Leave Bad Games Behind

Heading north on Interstate 5 toward Newberg, Ore. last week, I wasn't sure what exactly I'd encounter at Christian Game Developers Conference 2011. Would it have a show floor? Would they be showcasing new games? Would there be a Kinect-enabled Bible study game with 1:1 praying-hands control? Is a third sequel to the … » 7/14/11 5:00pm 7/14/11 5:00pm

Religious Games Maker Rakes $200K In Half a Year

Left Behind Games, maker of Christian-themed video games of ... well, dubious quality, reports that it sold $210,000 worth of product over the past six months. » 9/26/10 3:00pm 9/26/10 3:00pm

Walmart Said to Broaden Christian-Game Distribution Plans

The makers of the Left Behind series of religious video games says Walmart is expanding the Christian game test-market it opened last year in Texas, with an eye toward distributing such games nationally. » 4/08/10 8:30pm 4/08/10 8:30pm