I'm Terrified of Hard Choices, But This Game is About Hard Choices

Whenever I'm given an option in a game, be it choosing what my character says or how he/she acts, I always want to make the "best" choice. So when I'm faced with two equally bad options, I lock up – and right off the bat, it looks like Nippon Ichi Software's newest game is going to have me lying awake at nights. »3/06/14 6:00am3/06/14 6:00am


That Guy You Hated in The Walking Dead Game Has Been Punched In the Face 1.4 Million Times

One of the things that makes Telltale's The Walking Dead video game tick is choice. Players get to make a series of both time-critical and leisurely decisions as the chapters go by. Everything from "who is Lee polite to" to "who gets to live and who dies horribly" is up for grabs, and the game tracks those choices… »8/10/12 4:30pm8/10/12 4:30pm