Whoa, Mega Charizard Y and male protagonist Calem from Pokemon X & Y just got a hundred percent more realistic and detailed thanks to the talented deviantART artist Charlie Romeo. So much so that at first it seems more like Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy fan art, and not something inspired by a Nintendo 3DS game. » 11/05/13 8:30am 11/05/13 8:30am

Bathe In The Blue Flames Of Mega Charizard X

We knew classic Pokemon Charizard would be getting a Mega evolution in Pokemon X & Y. We didn't know it was getting two, one of which changes the creatures iconic colors completely. » 10/02/13 8:49am 10/02/13 8:49am

After Over 13 Years, Ash's Charizard Returns to the Pokémon Anime

Ash's Charizard is back. That's right, because tonight on Pokémon: Best Wishes!, Pocket Monster trainer Ash once again got his Charizard. » 3/07/13 8:00am 3/07/13 8:00am