Inspired by The Matrix, This Live-Action Video Game Is Now...a Video Game

Call it going full circle. Back in 2004, a Japanese game show called Run for Money » 11/21/12 6:30am 11/21/12 6:30am appeared on FujiTV. The show had flourishes of and a central premise that seemed more like a video game than a game show. Now in 2012, has finally been turned into a hit 3DS game. As logical as a video game version sounds, the concept…

Sci Fi's Live Action Video Game Cha$e Not Half Bad

Tonight at 10PM Eastern the Sci Fi Channel premiers it's live-action video game show Cha$e, and while the very idea of a live-action video game had me stocking up on cheese products, this one isn't actually half bad. It features 10 competitors called Runners, who are tasked with spending an hour on the run from… » 11/11/08 10:20am 11/11/08 10:20am