Nekopara Vol. 1, As Told By Steam Reviews

When a game features catgirls, it's probably not surprising to hear that people are reacting to it in funny ways. Especially since, in this case, the catgirl game is of the 'sexy' variety. » 1/23/15 5:00pm 1/23/15 5:00pm

It's a Massively Multiplayer Musical Adventure with Kitty Girls

Tiara Concerto Online is an anime-flavored massively multiplayer online game that features a strong musical component, a world made up of flying islands accessed by airships, and kitty girls with guns. You ever get the feeling people are developing games just for you? » 8/01/11 5:20pm 8/01/11 5:20pm

What Is Japan's Fetish This Week? Catgirls

Damn, they're cute. Not the girl—her ears. She is a catgirl—a female with cat ears. To underscore their feline traits, some have cat teeth,and even cat eyes. In Japan, the cat ears are called "nekomimi", and they're more than a simple personification of cats. » 7/14/11 3:00pm 7/14/11 3:00pm