Netbooks Could Drive Casual Boom - Analysts

The casual gaming business could look to netbooks - those little tiny wee PCs like the ASUS Eee - to give the genre a boost, according to analysts. I love my little Eee - it is incredibly handy for a blogging from the sofa or carrying about to events - but a games machine it is definitely not. It does do Flash though,… » 11/26/08 4:00pm 11/26/08 4:00pm

Epic Games Exploring New IPs Through Comic Books

Mike Capps, el presidente of Epic Games, recently spoke at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle, saying that his company had lost some of its "nimbleness" as a blockbuster producing studio. With massive titles like Gears of War » 7/29/08 8:00pm 7/29/08 8:00pm and on its plate, its looking to explore new franchises on the cheap, specifically…

'Skills That Are Waiting to be Turned Into Games'

Wii Fit has gotten a ton of attention recently; reviews, criticism, and complaints have all cropped up in the wake of its release. Over at Lost Garden, Wii Fit is a launching spot for a broader game design discussion: Wii Fit and its ilk aren't exception, they're "merely the tiny tip of an immense iceberg. Almost any… » 6/15/08 12:30pm 6/15/08 12:30pm