A Video Game About The Anger We Can't Express

The creators of the video game Asura's Wrath think you might be holding back. They think that, if you're an adult, you might be bottling your rage. » 4/18/11 4:00pm 4/18/11 4:00pm

The Perfect Nintendo 3DS Experience... A Street Pass Bonanza With A…

What happens when a bunch of game journalists and game developers from Capcom converge in Miami for a multi-day showcase of Capcom games? A lot of 3DS Street Passing. This is how Nintendo's unusual approach to social networking is supposed to work. » 4/14/11 6:30pm 4/14/11 6:30pm

One Illuminating Hour Playing Street Fighter X Tekken

I recently had an opportunity to play Street Fighter X Tekken, the next big fighting game from Capcom. There was one problem with this opportunity: I stink at fighting games. » 4/14/11 4:00pm 4/14/11 4:00pm

The Difference Between A Resident Evil Zombie And A Dead Rising Zombie

The video game zombies of Resident Evil and Dead Rising are equally undead and equally at ease with chewing on your neck. » 4/14/11 10:30am 4/14/11 10:30am

From Dead Rising 2: Off The Record To Asura's Wrath, A Capcom Blow-Out

Two new Resident Evils. A big new dragon game. The next Street Fighter twist. A Dead Rising remake. And one Hindu-inspired epic with an amazing boss battle. » 4/13/11 9:00pm 4/13/11 9:00pm

How Thick Should Chun-Li's Thighs Be?

Last week, in Miami, Yoshinori Ono, the cheerful, jokey lead producer of the Street Fighter series had just shown off his team's new game, Street Fighter X Tekken. He and I were just about done talking about it. » 4/13/11 5:00pm 4/13/11 5:00pm

The Proper Difficulty For A Dead Rising Game

Dead Rising games have always been difficult, but gamers haven't always been happy about that. What's a fair way to make a game tough, and what isn't? With each new Dead Rising release, the game creators at Capcom have been tweaking their answer and reconsidering what players want. » 4/13/11 4:00pm 4/13/11 4:00pm

Why Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Is No Mere Mini-Game

Brisk and violent, played better with a friend and fueled by a gamer's zeal to achieve a higher score, Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D is as fun as it is barely a Resident Evil game. » 4/13/11 2:00pm 4/13/11 2:00pm

The Best New Idea In Zombie Video Games Lurches Through Resident Evil:…

That moment I knew Resident Evil: Raccoon City could be a multiplayer game worth playing was when I turned the tables on my attacker. The game is a third-person shooter. You can play it competitively, and, as is possible in many games of this type, an enemy player can get the jump on you. » 4/13/11 12:00pm 4/13/11 12:00pm

The Threat Of A Tennessee-Sized Finger And Other Dangers Debuting In …

There's a guy named Asura, who you can control, sometimes with very few buttons. He's the star of Asura's Wrath, a new absurd action game. Asura keeps the world safe... from giant fingers and other divine threats. » 4/12/11 4:00pm 4/12/11 4:00pm

How Street Fighter X Tekken Controls And Why It's Not Street Fighter…

"Why isn't your game called Street Fighter Vs. Tekken?" I asked Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono last week in Miami. » 4/12/11 3:00pm 4/12/11 3:00pm

Running While Gunning Featured In Two Upcoming Resident Evil Games

In a break with controversial tradition, you won't have to stop to shoot in either of the next two Resident Evil games. You can run-and-gun in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City; you can run-and-gun in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. » 4/12/11 12:40pm 4/12/11 12:40pm

Dragon's Dogma Is The Devil May Cry Team's Next Big Gamble

The first time I saw Dragon's Dogma, I thought that the creators of the recent Devil May Cry sequels were making a mash-up of God of War and The Elder Scrolls. And I thought that that was a bad idea, a bad use of the labor of the largest development team to ever create a game for Capcom. » 4/12/11 12:00pm 4/12/11 12:00pm

Asura's Wrath Is Insane, See?

Asura's Wrath may be the wildest game on the horizon. It's an action game from Capcom and the people who made .hack, but more importantly, it's about a man named Asura who has to fight the giant finger of a god, among other things. » 4/12/11 11:45am 4/12/11 11:45am

See The Battles Of Street Fighter X Tekken, Plus A Dino Crisis Wink

Street Fighter X Tekken is a tag game, some of the heroes of Street Fighter against the heroes of Tekken. Fighting in such places as a Dino Crisis stage or in front of a ruined Capcom office. Enjoy a look at some of the game's fights and look for more information about the game later today on Kotaku. » 4/12/11 11:30am 4/12/11 11:30am

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Is A Firefight In Dangerous…

The next big Resident Evil for consoles, Operation Raccoon City, will take players back to 1998, the timeline of Resident Evils 2 and 3, except you'll be the bad guys, taking aim at hero Leon Kennedy as a member of a squad of Umbrealla Corporation goons. » 4/12/11 11:10am 4/12/11 11:10am

Frank West Regains The Lead Role In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, A…

Chuck Greene wasn't the hero of Dead Rising 2. Chuck Greene wasn't the man who faced down the slow flood of zombies stumbling through the casinos of Fortune City. Chuck didn't whack a few hundred zombies with baseball bats and halt the groans of many more with sharp objects. » 4/12/11 11:00am 4/12/11 11:00am