FlatOut developer Bugbear Entertainment's Next Car Game is now on Kickstarter. The group aims to raise $350,000 to create what they call "Destruction Racing Perfection," with a next-gen console port of the game promised should the campaign manage to gather $1,500,000. You can take a look here. » 11/04/13 6:40am 11/04/13 6:40am

I Like How These Video Game Cars Break

Bugbear are the team behind the Flatout series, which were games built around the idea of smashing cars into scrap. So of course their next project has a great tech demo showing how the video game cars of tomorrow can be smashed into nothingness. » 9/16/13 12:00am 9/16/13 12:00am

The FlatOut Devs' Next Racing Game Looks Amazing, Even in Pre-Alpha

The original developers of the FlatOut racing series have released an update on their new game. Apart from some (great-looking) footage of cars crashing into things (and each other), there's also the fact that even though it's still called "Next Car Game," there is now a pre-order option. You might wonder why. » 9/02/13 6:00pm 9/02/13 6:00pm

One Of The Most Underrated Racing Games Of Our Time Might Be Making A…

Both the series and the studio kinda lost their way eventually, but for a while there, Bugbear's FlatOut—which combined ugly racing with brutal damage—was the most interesting thing in racing games. So it's nice to see them returning to their roots. » 2/25/13 3:00am 2/25/13 3:00am