This Dream-Like Flying Game Will Be a Wii U Launch Title

Indie developers have slammed Nintendo during the Wii console cycle saying that it hasn't been worth the trouble to bring their games to the undernourished, practically forgotten WiiWare service. But it's just been announced today that Broken Rules' Chasing Auroraa lovely 2D flying game last seen at the beginning… » 6/04/12 3:27pm 6/04/12 3:27pm

Fly Like an Eagle Across Chasing Aurora's Polygon Landscape

Broken Rules, the indie studio behind And Yet it Moves, is currently working on a game called Chasing Aurora. It looks lovely. » 5/03/12 12:30am 5/03/12 12:30am

Chasing Aurora Can be Your Origami Bird-Racing Game

Confession: I was faking comprehension of Chasing Aurora when I saw it at the Penny Arcade Expo. I don't blame Clements Scot, the developer who talked me through the video demonstration you can see here. » 9/06/11 10:40am 9/06/11 10:40am