Super-Serious Sci-Fi Eye Contact Is My Favorite Comics Panel This Week

In the near-future of Brian Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s The Private Eye, there’s been a meltdown of social networking. Imagine anyone anywhere being able to see everyone else’s addresses, banking information or browser history. People zealously hide their real faces and personal details after this cataclysmic… »5/09/13 4:45pm5/09/13 4:45pm


Two Great Comics Creators Are Letting You Pay What You Want for Their New Series

You might be among the legions of readers who loved Brian K. Vaughan's classic Vertigo series Y The Last Man or are currently enjoying his excellent Saga series from Image. And you might know that he and Marcos Martin did an excellent Doctor Strange mini-series a few years back. Martin's done incredible artwork on… »3/19/13 10:40am3/19/13 10:40am