Here Are The Next Five Celebrity-Inspired Video Games You'll Love

It's a strange age we live in when Kim Kardashian can make so much money off of a mobile gaming experience and we write endlessly about its production, its profits, and its deeper cultural meaning instead of the obvious question: What will be the next smash-hit celebrity gaming experience? » 7/30/14 4:31pm 7/30/14 4:31pm

Atari To Release Project Runway Game, Make It Work

Fashionable reality show Project Runway will be fitted for a video game release next spring, courtesy of publisher Atari, with the first licensed title planned for a Wii release. » 10/08/09 3:40pm 10/08/09 3:40pm

Watch People Play Games on UK TV

Last weekend, the UK network Bravo - unrelated to the U.S. channel, BTW - launched something called "Game Face," tilted toward casual gamers, presumably ones with wads of disposable income. » 8/09/09 5:00pm 8/09/09 5:00pm

Super Stage Production of Super Mario

Japanese variety show Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho pulls off what's probably the best live-action literal interpretation of Super Mario Brothers I've ever seen. » 1/11/09 2:30pm 1/11/09 2:30pm

Sony: Death to Clamshell Packaging!

I swear, if there's a Retail Packagers' Association, its mission statement must be: "Forcing You to Use Something Other than Your Bare Hands, Preferably a Steak Knife, to Open the Shit You Just Bought." » 12/21/08 2:00pm 12/21/08 2:00pm

Moments In Awkward Wii Fit Product Placement: Bravo's A-List Awards

Did you know that Wii Fit won the highly coveted Chrysler Design Innovation Award? Neither did we! Of course, we didn't know that Chrysler awarded such a thing to begin with, nor were we aware that Chrysler awarded anything to anyone ever. We've learned so much, thanks to Bravo's A-List Awards, which gave "the Wii Fit » 6/13/08 4:40pm 6/13/08 4:40pm