Here Are The Next Five Celebrity-Inspired Video Games You'll Love

It's a strange age we live in when Kim Kardashian can make so much money off of a mobile gaming experience and we write endlessly about its production, its profits, and its deeper cultural meaning instead of the obvious question: What will be the next smash-hit celebrity gaming experience? » 7/30/14 4:31pm 7/30/14 4:31pm

Moments In Awkward Wii Fit Product Placement: Bravo's A-List Awards

Did you know that Wii Fit won the highly coveted Chrysler Design Innovation Award? Neither did we! Of course, we didn't know that Chrysler awarded such a thing to begin with, nor were we aware that Chrysler awarded anything to anyone ever. We've learned so much, thanks to Bravo's A-List Awards, which gave "the Wii Fit » 6/13/08 4:40pm 6/13/08 4:40pm