Care for a Ubisoft fighting game or RPG? They're coming

Ubisoft chairman Yves Guillemot told a group of investors and industry executives in New York today that the publisher of Assassin's Creed is developing games in new genres for the company, including RPGs, sports, music, and fighting games. » 11/12/09 11:00am 11/12/09 11:00am

StarCraft II Expansions, Diablo III Coming in "Next Few Years"

While StarCraft II, an upgraded Battle.Net and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are all firmly pinned down to 2010 releases, Diablo III, StarCraft II expansion packs and Blizzard's next MMO still show a release date of the "next few years". » 11/12/09 9:58am 11/12/09 9:58am