The Uncertain Fate of That Incredible-Looking Half-Life Remake, Black Mesa: Source

It was almost four years ago that we first saw that incredible trailer for Black Mesa: Source, which looked like a full update of Valve's classic PC game Half-Life. It truly was incredible—hell, I rewatched that trailer just now and I still feel incredulous about it. It basically looks like the first game redone with… »5/10/12 2:00pm5/10/12 2:00pm

Unofficial Half-Life Remake Looking Prettier By The Year

Welcome to my third annual post on new media for the Half-Life »11/19/08 8:40pm11/19/08 8:40pm fan-created remake (formerly known as ). It doesn't appear to be any closer to release than it was when I wrote about it in and , but the new screen shots, released on the original game's ten year anniversary, are worth a peek. According to , the mod no…